CPR Training is Back!

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Because of the Coronavirus pandemic most training shut down. Among them    was CPR. At East Shore Safety, we have not been reaching out to clients for this course as all of the 4 major recognized agencies extended their expiration dates. Since we teach all of the agencies (AHA, NSC, Red Cross and ASHI) we were not really promoting this training. However, all of the agencies have stopped the extension. Therefore, anyone whose card has expired need to get recertified now.

We have been conducting full classes for the past months and they are completely social distanced throughout the class.  Team practice includes each student on their own manikin six feet apart and communicating as if they are working on the same manikin.  This has been very effective with no loss in the value and enjoyment of the training.

Some organizations have preferred the blended learning approach where the students complete an online portion and then we come in for skills practice with the group.  This has also been very successful and can be used for both BLS for Healthcare Providers and for CPR/AED for laypersons.

Zoom skills training is also possible but is not usually cost effective for clients because it requires one on one with the instructor throughout and also requires equipment acquisition for the student.

We have made our CPR and First Aid training as safe as possible with social distancing, no mouth to mouth contact and everyone uses their own manikin throughout the classes. We hope this will encourage clients to continue with their emergency response and required certification training programs with confidence in this time of Coronavirus concerns.

Here are some of the guidelines created for each class:

– Each student will have their own manikin to work with so no sharing of manikins at all during the practice sessions.

– There is no mouth to mouth practice during the CPR training practice. We use mask placement and simulated breath only (no face contact with the manikin).

– All of the usual group activities have been modified to ensure six feet social distancing throughout the class.

– Gloves will be available for everyone during the training.

– Manikins have been thoroughly disinfected with CDC approved pathogens cleaning solution.

– Antibacterial wipes and other disinfectant tools will be available during the training event.

– Additional space will be provided to ensure recommended social distancing at all times for participants.

Coronavirus safety guidelines are fully in place so that every student can feel confident that no possible exposure will occur while they are becoming certified in these important lifesaving topics.

Please visit our website or give us a call to schedule training.



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