Partner With Some of Sandwich, MA’s Most Experienced and Versatile Safety Program Consultants

OSHA has hundreds of safety regulations that companies are legally required to comply with. Any company with 10 or more employees is required to have a written program regarding personal protection equipment. Our safety program consultants can help you develop a PPE training program that complies with OSHA standards. We provide occupational safety program development to companies in our hometown of Sandwich, MA and across all of New England.  

Proudly Serving All Of New England

How Can an OSHA Consultant Assist You?

  • Conduct a comprehensive workplace safety hazard assessment 
  • Evaluate your company’s need for different types of PPE 
  • Provide PPE inspection and safety training to employees 
  • Develop a written PPE safety plan 
  • need for different types of PPE 

PPE Safety Training and Inspections in Sandwich, MA, and the Surrounding Areas

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. PPE is used across many industries with the intention of protecting workers from hazardous work environments. PPE can protect the skull, face, eyes, ears, skin, hands and feet, etc. PPE may prevent exposure to chemicals, dangerously loud noise, falling objects, and many other hazards. It is essential to perform regular PPE inspections to ensure that the equipment is still effective. We can help you emphasize PPE inspections in your safety program and train your employees in Sandwich, MA, and nearby areas. 

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