Offering Complete Workplace Safety Training in Boston, MA

 At East Shore Safety, we’re proud to offer workplace safety training that helps our clients stay safe on the job. We know that your employees are your most valuable asset, and we want to ensure they’re protected so they can continue to do their best work. 

Our brewery safety training courses cover everything from preventing slips and falls on slippery floors to avoiding dangerous machinery and chemicals. If you have a brewery in Boston, MA, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll make sure you’re complying with OSHA’s safety regulations.

Proudly Serving All Of New England

Get a Custom Safety Plan

The brewery industry is a complex and fast-paced environment. A small mistake can have disastrous consequences, but you can keep your employees safe with the right training. Our courses are based on OSHA guidelines and written by industry experts. 

We offer courses for all levels: from entry-level workers doing basic tasks like cleaning kegs and moving crates to supervisors responsible who need to be able to identify hazards before they happen. We even have custom programs if you want to focus on brewery health and safety regulations. 

Learn About OSHA Safety Training Requirements

Our brewery safety training is a key part of ensuring your employees are safe in their work environment in Boston, MA. You can help them avoid accidents and injuries while they’re on the job by providing them with the right brewery training. That way, they can focus on what matters: making great beer! 

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