Get the Most Qualified Safety Training Services in Taunton, MA

At East Shore Safety, we uphold a 100 year-long commitment to improving safety and health conditions of workers across Taunton, MA. We take pride in offering the best workplace safety solutions to comply with local and federal regulations, avoid fines and costly legal issues, but, above all, to protect those who at the end of the day are your business core asset: your employees.


We work with a variety of businesses ranging from small to large enterprises across several industries. With over 100 years of experience in the field, we have garnered unmatched expertise to develop personalized safety programs that will fit the needs of your company, and we do so with absolute professionalism and respect towards your workers and management personnel.

Proudly Serving All Of New England

Create a Healthy Workplace with Our Safety Program Development Service

Our occupational safety consultants will conduct a comprehensive safety assessment in your workplace to better evaluate your needs. Once we determine what your needs are, we will be glad to develop a written safety plan and training for your employees.   


As the proverbial saying goes, prevention is better than the cure. In our field, there’s hardly a more accurate description. Safety programs are the most important tools we have to get the best of both worlds: keeping your workers healthy and safe by reducing the likelihood of injuries and illnesses, as well as increasing productivity and consumer satisfaction. 


Keep in mind that there’s a myriad of intangible benefits that come with properly developed safety programs. They might be a bit harder to quantify, but the loyalty and satisfaction of your employees, the piece of mind provided to their families, the environment of safety that keeps workers wanting to come back to a place where their lives are, as they should be, protected, will help you in turn to have a more productive and profitable business.

Partner with the Best Occupational Safety Consultants in the Industry

Call East Shore Safety to schedule your consultation. Our experts will conduct a standards-compliant visit to your workplace, and provide you with detailed information about the levels of safety in your facility, so we can start working on fixing existing and potential safety problems. With us, you and your employees will soon go back to work in a positive and productive environment.

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