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free toolbox talk

Toolbox Safety Talks are short, informal safety meetings conducted at the crew level on a periodic and as-needed basis, by first line supervisors regarding job-related hazards and safe work practices.

The goal of these safety talks is to inform employees of specific hazards associated with a task and the safe way to do the job and also serves as a reminder to employees of what they already know, and establishes the supervisor’s credibility and conscientiousness about his or her responsibilities for safety. These messages can reinforce what your team has previously learned.

We are offering to send you free monthly toolbox talks for both construction and general Industry topics.

How Does it work?

You’ll get your Free Safety Topic delivered by e-mail every month.

So, What’s the Catch?

There’s no catch. We’re doing this to help small businesses to build successful safety programs to ensure they have all the tools they need to comply with OSHA and prevent accidents. All we need for you to do is put in your email address, and we’ll send out your free topics monthly. This will also add you to our mailing address for promotions or for additional happenings.

Even if you aren’t sure if safety meetings make sense for your industry (and they do) take us up on this offer of Free Safety talks today. There’s literally nothing to lose and you may just get inspired to have some awesome safety meetings with your team!

If you have a different need, please give us a call at 508-525-5711.

What do we get out of it?

We mentioned above that we want to help small businesses. Well, we are a small business too. We are trying to expand our footprint to help us grow. Our hope is that you can utilize another one of our services or at least share our name with other businesses

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